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Jail is never a cakewalk, and nor should it be. However, it need not be a depressing phase of your life either. As with any unknown, learning as much as you can before experiencing it, preparing and readying for the unknown always helps get through the process.

Going to any jail regardless of its location or its population, status is a daunting task. We at Bexar Corporation Jail make it our business to help you get settled into your jail term from start to finish. Any kind of information you need with respect to jail life, out of jail life, felony life and more – you can find it all here on bexarcojail.com.

We revolutionize the prison system through programs that deliver real value to our inmates. For example, in 2016, Bexar Corporation Jail decided to revamp our health and fitness programs and enlist the aid of industry renown experts to put together a comprehensive training suite that combined modern day equipment with unorthodox and natural treatments. As part of the plan, we are proud to announce that Bexar Corporation Jail is the first jailing corporation in the world to begin using inversion tables through the prison system. We believe that inversion tables combine the mind and soul, and provide people with a better quality of life; through mindful meditation and through alleviating back pain related symptoms. We hope that through using inversion therapy as part of the program, we can reduce our medical costs and provide a happier, and more prosporous quality of life to inmates.