I Have a Felony On Record, Can I Get a Job?

Yes, having a felony conviction in the recent past or even distant past can affect your employment chances but there are resources that you can rely on to obtain jobs and also become productive members. Moreover, there are specific industries and employers who prefer hiring felons more so than any other corporation.

A few states and court systems tend to also have offender reentry programs that help prisoners prepare for life on the outside. The services under such programs include advice for those seeking work, preparing their resumes, studies or vocational training and even job interview advice. The programs can also be advanced with GED study courses, skill testing and many other opportunities.

The Right Employer

Let’s first clearly state that certain jobs are no longer available to a felon. These include government jobs and law enforcement. However, every other industry and company or corporation may be open to hiring you. Factories, construction companies tend to hire felons more son. Then there are temp agencies that do not mind hiring felons. As a temp worker, if you can convince your employer that you are reliable and a quick learner, they may just make your job a permanent one.

Then there are those that are less skilled such as janitorial, restaurant and service related jobs. While the pay is much less but it definitely is a decent place to show future employers that you are stable and no longer dangerous.

Depending on the Government

Federal government tends to provide benefits to companies that hire felons. Because of this many companies tend to utilize this offer and hire felons but only through federal bonding program. Bonding helps protect the employers from any kind of loss in the event of dishonesty or theft while letting felons get a chance at continued employment.

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